Design for Manufacturability

Design for manufacturability is infused into our design process every step of the way. While we appreciate interesting, novel, even fanciful concepts, if they cannot be manufactured economically or effectively, they’re not much use to our clients. That’s not to say that we engage in “drafting board” design – only coming up with designs that make our own life easy (a common issue with design/build firms, BTW). On the contrary, we rely on a thorough understanding of the manufacturing options open for a given project to come up with creative solutions that can be built – on time and within budget.

We’re specialists in designing for low volume production, utilizing manufacturing methods that include machining and fabrication techniques, newer CNC capabilities of laser and water-jet cutting, along with traditional metal casting techniques. Additive manufacturing methods (3D printing) are rapidly becoming practical for projects we work on. We keep a close eye on developments in this field for possible applications.

Despite often working with low volume production, we are big believers in the value of prototyping. We almost always recommend some form of prototype to ensure that designs perform as intended. It is often from lessons learned in this step that a product can make the jump from good to great, often while creating production cost savings. We consider prototyping an integral part of the design process.

We use the latest parametric CAD design tools to create the renderings and drawings that clients review and approve, then use the same data to export to our manufacturing partners for production. Using these tools throughout the process ensures that what gets built is what was designed and approved.

Whether you have a new idea to be developed, or would like to optimize an existing one, we can help.

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design for manufacturability

Parliament Hill Monument Interpretation

Based on an existing design supplied by the client, Intu Design performed value engineering services to optimize the design for production and created artwork and specifications for ten new monument interpretation installations in stone and bronze. The inlay of the alto print on aluminum was executed to a high level of fit and finish, consistent with the importance of the site. The stone base was CNC cut from granite using CAD files supplied by Intu.
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Design for Manufacturability