If you need design for a product or project that’s used or located outdoors, you’ve come to the right place. We have broad and deep experience in design for outdoor environments – everything from signage and interpretation, through site furnishings, to the housing of electronics in outdoor locations.

Mother nature can be cruel and unrelenting in what she serves up. The ravages of wind demand carefully engineered structures whenever public safety could be an issue. We design with wind resistance in mind, and then rely on our professional engineering partners to certify the structural integrity of outdoor installations to ensure safety and peace of mind.

Water management is one of the largest challenges in design for outdoor environments. When required, we can make things completely and durably water-proof. We frequently find that the better and more economical approach though, is to manage where water can get in, and to make sure it has a way to drain out. Apart from all the damage that liquid water can do, allowing it to collect can result in even more damage during freeze-thaw cycles.

The sun and its damaging UV rays can prematurely weather outdoor designs unless the appropriate materials and finishes are selected. We have long experience with identifying what works best, and what kind of service life can be expected. The effects of light aren’t just limited to bright sunlight. Dramatically variable light levels can play havoc with readability for both screens and static signage and interpretation. We can help with strategies to mitigate those effects too.

No matter what your design project, if it’s located or used outdoors, we can help.